District II is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and the  South Central Region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. plus  a member of Texas Gardens Clubs, Inc.

NGC Headquarters                                                                TGC Headquarters, Bert Pool
401 Magnolia Ave.                                                                      3111 Old Garden Road
St. Louis, MO 63110-3406                                                        Fort Worth, TX  76107-3498
314-776-7574                                                                                817-332-6602
National Garden Clubs, Inc.  – 
President:  Nancy Hargrove
The theme for President Nancy Hargroves’s administration is Plant America, a singularly focused initiative on gardens and gardening. Both a call to service and a description of what NGC clubs do, Plant America supports the main reason that people say they join a garden club – to learn about gardening!

               Covering any and every aspect of gardening, horticulture, garden design, and community service, it applies to every kind of garden: Blue Star plantings, vegetable gardens, community gardens, container gardening, neighborhood plantings, urban farms, low-water xeriscape gardens, etc.   Projects in local communities are what distinguish us from the work of other gardening organizations. Towns, cities, neighborhoods, and roadsides across the United States are all beneficiaries of National Garden Clubs projects.  In order to provide a vehicle to financially support the activities of our member clubs, a new grant program entitled “Plant America Community Project Grants” is being established to provide funding for new or existing projects of NGC member clubs in their respective communities across the United States. This will be a permanent fund with grants being awarded during each two-year administration. The goal for the fund is to become a self-sustaining endowment fund like the NGC Scholarship fund providing funding levels that make a significant impact in large projects.

South Central Region
Director:  Isabel Olson
Theme:  Beautifying Our Communities

For many years our local garden clubs have shown a presence in their community by sharing the joy of gardening when they plant, and maintain gardens in various public locations, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a garden club member. For the two year term, NGC will have a Plant America Grant Program for Community Projects. This will provide financial support to the participating clubs to offset the cost of the plants and materials of their project. Now is the time for your club members to decide the kind of project they would like to participate in.  Plant a tree, edible garden or container garden at schools or public locations, churches, cemeteries, hospitals, libraries, parks, adult centers, assisted living or retirement homes, downtown or at an art museum. Along with applying for a grant from NGC, you can submit an application (in the second year of the SCR administration) for the Regional Director’s Project Award and receive from Isabel a high  quality marker with your garden club name proudly posted where your project is located. In addition, four $100 awards will be given (one for each state)

Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. – 
President: Betty Edwards  
743 N. Cedar, Kermit TX  79745

432-586-5286   or 432-208-0983

Theme: Plant America, Sowing Seeds the Texas Way”

This year’s National theme is Plant America, so to coordinate I chose, Plant America, “Sowing Seeds the Texas Way” In Texas, we not only sow seeds and plant, we teach members of our clubs, and help our communities by planting in public places, city gardens, nursing homes, and hospitals. Another way we sow our seeds is by teaching the youth gardening skills and provide a foundation for them to learn how to care for our earth. They truly are our future, and we can make a difference by leading them in the right direction.   We have to open new avenues within the public forum, bringing discussions to the forefront that keep our earth growing, provide clean air and healthy food, and ensure the

District 2
Director:  Barbara Bateman 
317 Harvey Trail, Azle, TX  76020
Theme:   Plant America, Harvesting Seeds for Future Planting

District II Logo

The District II Official Seal was designed by Jimmie Nell Courtney in 1987.  The Official Seal is made up of two closely spaced circles with the wording placed inside. District II is centered and curved across the top and Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. is centered and curved across the bottom.

A five-pointed star, representing the Lone Star State, fills the inner circle.  Superimposed and over the right of the star is a mockingbird, the Texas State bird.  Superimposed over the tail of the mockingbird is a pecan leaf, the Texas State tree.  On the left of the center is a cluster of three bluebonnets, the Texas State flower.  Below the bluebonnets are a cluster of three red roses, in three stages of development with foliage and stems, the official flower of the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.