Director’s Message

Hello Everyone,

The theme for National and Texas Garden Clubs for 2017-2019 is “PLANT AMERICA”.  To continue this theme, I have chosen HARVEST SEEDS FOR FUTURE PLANTING as my District II theme.

The satisfaction of planting a seed and seeing it grow is a pleasure to both children and adults. The five essentials of gardening,   “Vision, Tools, Space, Plants or Seeds, and Patience” are limited only by our imagination.   Your garden can be a place of beauty, an educational opportunity or a food source for your family.

In line with these themes, I am encouraging Clubs to get involved with the schools in your communities.  Children are our future and it is up to us to educate them on the importance of planting seeds.

I am promoting gardening and outdoor activities for youth, families, or group. I am encouraging school garden projects and education for our youth.  I hope this interest will continue into adulthood for our youth.  District II is offering the opportunity for one Club to win a $100 cash prize for their school garden.  Click here for  APPLICATION FOR MONETARY AWARD FROM DISTRICT II FOR.

Another part of gardening is learning how and when to harvest seeds from your special flowers and vegetables to use next season and to share with family and friends.  This can be a family or school project that can be fun, interesting, and rewarding.  I hope Clubs will give programs on this subject. In addition, do not forget, October 10 is the next District II convention.  We will be voting on a Bylaw change and there will be a variety of things to do during the convention plus a catered lunch.  See you soon.

District II Director,  Barbara Bateman,